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MyUSI is a secure site that provides students, faculty and administrative staff at the University of Southern Indiana with world-class Intranet and Internet services. This is where you can check e-mail, register for courses, and explore the Internet.

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Resetting your myUSI Password Resetting your myUSI Password

Requirements for Changing Your myUSI Password

  • Your new password must be at least 8 characters long
  • Your new password cannot be longer than 16 characters
  • Your new password must contain a character from all three of these categories:

o    English uppercase characters (A - Z)

o    English lowercase characters (a - z)

o    Numbers (0 - 9) 

  • Your new password cannot include your first name, last name, or account name.  For example, "Bilbo Baggins" with account name of “bbaggi5” cannot set his password to anything that includes “bilbo”, “baggins”, or “bbaggi5”
  • Your new password cannot be a password you used recently (the system tracks your last 10 passwords and won’t let you reuse any of them!)

GOOD Password examples:
Temp1234           – has uppercase, lowercase, and digits and is eight characters in length
MyDogSam7      – has uppercase, lowercase, and digit and is ten characters in length

BAD Password examples:
Abc123                 – has all three categories but too short, only six character in length
R2D2                      – too short and only uses two of the categories
R2D2C3PO           - long enough, but only uses two categories

Scheduled Downtime Scheduled Downtime

Scheduled Downtime:

The myUSI Portal ( will be unavailable after 11 pm Thursday night (6/07/2012) for approximately 6 hours for maintenance by our portal service provider. You can still use the myUSI Start page ( to access Mail, Self Service, Tk20, and Blackboard.

The Banner Self-Service system will be unavailable after 5:00pm Friday night (6/8/2012) for the implementation of a new version of the student payment software from Nelnet. Expect Banner to be available after 6:30pm. All other MyUSI services will remain available

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